Meet the Tuloh International Team

Our Diverse and Talented Team

At Tuloh International, we pride ourselves on having a diverse and talented team that works collaboratively to drive our mission of fostering economic mobility worldwide. Get to know the faces behind our success, each contributing their unique skills and expertise to make a positive impact globally.

Leadership Team

Hon.Hareter Babatunde Oralusi

Founder& CEO

Jane Smith

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Michael Johnson

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 

Founder& CEO Hon. Hareter Babatunde Oralusi, is the visionary leader who founded Tuloh International with a passion for empowering individuals through global opportunities. With a background in[relevant field], Hon. Hareter drives the strategic direction of the company. 

As the COO, Jane Smith oversees the day-to-day operations of Tuloh International, ensuring efficiency and excellence in delivering our services globally. 

Michael Johnson brings financial expertise to Tuloh International as the CFO, managing financial strategies to support our mission of fostering economic mobility.

People Team

Valentina Pedroso

Strategic HR Specialist 

Josh Kim

Partner Manager 

Valentina manages all HR operations for customers in Spain and Portugal. She innovates processes to help the HR teamwork through their strengths and deliver excellent service

Josh’s role is focused on partner engagement, driving business revenue through established relationships with current partners and developing new partnerships for the company.

Product and Technology Team

Grace Keane

Associate Software Engineer

Oliver Brown

Director, Software Engineering

Grace develops both front- and back-end features, plans projects, and gives demos on features she has implemented. This ensures tasks are finished timely and adhere to best programming practices 

Oliver leads the software engineering team, bringing innovation and expertise to drive the development of cutting-edge solutions. 

Global Operations Team

Fatima Abdullah

Human Resources Specialist 

Masthead Card Kuwait

Channel Sales Executive 

Fatima is a vital part of the global operations team, specializing in HR operations to ensure asmooth and efficient workflow. 

Graziano focuses on channel sales, working to establish and grow partnerships to drive business success.


Enabling Opportunities Beyond Borders

Join our dedicated team at Tuloh International and be part of a global movement to enable opportunities beyond borders. Together, we are breaking down barriers and fostering economic mobility worldwide.