Tuloh International's Advocacy Program


Welcome to Tuloh International's Advocacy Program

An initiative designed to empower organizations, institutions, and communities through strategic advocacy and impactful partnerships. As a leading global recruitment company with a track record of excellence since 1999, we recognize the power of advocacy in driving positive change.

Our Commitment to Social Impact

At TulohInternational, we believe in making a difference beyond the realms ofrecruitment. Our Advocacy Program is a testament to our commitment to socialimpact. By leveraging our global network, resources, and expertise, we aim toaddress pressing social issues and contribute to the development of sustainablesolutions.


Key Pillars of our Advocacy Program

Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy

We champion diversity and inclusion in all facets of society. Our Advocacy Program actively supports initiatives that promote equal opportunities, fair representation, and inclusive practices. By collaborating with organizations and institutions, we strive to create environments where diversity is celebrated and valued.

Education and Skill Development

Tuloh International understands the transformative power of education. Through our Advocacy Program, we work towards enhancing educational opportunities and skill development initiatives. We partner with educational institutions, NGOs, and community organizations to create pathways for learning and growth

Community Empowerment

We believe in the strength of communities. Tuloh International’s Advocacy Program seeks to empower local communities through various initiatives, including job fairs, vocational training programs, and community development projects. By fostering self-reliance and sustainability, we contribute to the well-being of communities around the world.

Environmental Sustainability

Recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility, our Advocacy Program supports sustainability initiatives. From reducing our carbon footprint to promoting Eco-friendly practices, we collaborate with organizations dedicated to preserving the environment for future generations. 

How You Can Partner with Us

Browse our diverse job listings and discover exciting career paths tailored to your skills and aspirations. 

Collaborate on Advocacy Initiatives

Partner with Tuloh International on advocacy initiatives aligned with your organization’s values and goals. Together, we can amplify our impact and contribute to meaningful change.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Support specific advocacy programs or become a sponsor to extend your corporate social responsibility efforts. Your contribution can make a tangible difference in the lives of those we aim to uplift.

Join the Advocacy Network

Be part of our advocacy network, connecting with like-minded organizations and individuals committed to making a positive impact. By joining forces, we can create a collective force for change. 


Together, let's empower change and build a better future.

If you are interested in partnering with us,participating in our Advocacy Program, or learning more about how TulohInternational is making a difference, please contact our Advocacy Team at