Navigating the Intersection of Opportunity

we stand at the crossroads of employers, policymakers, and jobseekers, holding a unique vantage point that shapes our understanding of the dynamic landscape of international recruitment.

Since our establishment in1999, we’ve been at the forefront of providing tailored solutions to institutions, private companies, and the public sector across international markets. Our commitment to effective, efficient, and customized recruitment services reflects in the lasting relationships we’ve built with partners and clients in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

Unique Perspectives for Systemic Change

Intersectional Approach

Situated at the intersection of employer needs, policy requirements, and the aspirations of jobseekers, Tuloh International is uniquely positioned to bridge gaps and foster collaboration. Our approach involves understanding the nuanced needs of each stakeholder group, allowing us to create innovative solutions that drive meaningful impact.

Pioneering Solutions

Our success lies in our innovative designs and effective solutions. With a reliable business model, stringent guidelines, experienced management, and a commitment to excellence, we pave the way for ground breaking approaches in international recruitment. Tuloh International’s fresh thinking and pioneering spirit bring a transformative perspective to today’s fast-paced society

Reversing Unemployment and Enabling Economic Mobility

Beyond recruitment, we are on a mission to reverse pervasive unemployment for our graduates. By helping them achieve economic mobility, we contribute not only to individual success but also to the prosperity of families and communities. 

Research and Advocacy

Equitable Workforce Advocacy

Tuloh International goes beyond the conventional role of a recruitment company. We actively research and advocate for improved policy and employer approaches to create a more equitable workforce system. Our commitment to research and data insights serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, employers, funders, and other workforce programs. 

Latest Thinking

Our dedication to advancing workforce systems is evident in initiatives such as our comprehensive global survey on entry-level tech talent. By bringing together job seekers, jobholders, and companies across eight countries, we aim to address critical challenges and drive a tech hiring revolution 

Midcareer Perspectives

Embracing Aging Workforce

Tuloh International, in collaboration with the OECD, explores the implications of an aging workforce. Through surveys, we shed light on ageism, barriers to career success, and steps that can be taken to navigate the transition to a more digital and sustainable world. 

Midcareer Perspectives

Diverging Paths for Midcareer Workers

Our global survey, the first of its kind, provides insights into individuals aged 45-65 seeking or working in entry-level and intermediate roles. It emphasizes the need to recognize the talents of midcareer workers and help them adapt to workplace disruptions for mutual prosperity

Thought Leadership

Metrics Beyond Numbers

Tuloh International challenges the notion of singular metrics in social impact. We advocate for a pluralistic approach, emphasizing the importance of diverse metrics to comprehensively measure the success and impact of workforce programs.

Midcareer Perspectives

Thought Leadership Across Platforms

Our thought leadership extends beyond recruitment to address broader issues in the workforce. Whether it’s discussing better hiring practices, the Great Resignation, or insights from successful social impact organizations, Tuloh International is actively contributing to shaping the discourse on workforce dynamics. 


Join us at Tuloh International

Join us at Tuloh International as we navigate the intersection of opportunity, bringing together diverse perspectives to drive systemic change in international recruitment and workforce development.