Empowering Futures Worldwide

We are dedicated to fostering economic mobility and transforming lives through access to quality employment and income opportunities. Our mission extends globally, focusing on training and placing young individuals into international careers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to addressing the pressing issue of youth unemployment and underemployment in Africa and beyond. Our goal is to support nations in their efforts to create pathways for sustainable economic growth


Our impact comes from advancing three areas simultaneously


graduates across 18 countries since launching in 2015


Our annual and cumulative volume of graduates around the world


of graduates placed in jobs within six months of program completion (75% at three months)

$1 Billion

graduates across 18 countries since launching in 2015


Our employment and income outcomes within 3 and 6 months of program completion

High income countries


Upper-middle income countries


Lower-middle income countries


of employed alumni earning a living wage 2-5 years after program completion (World Bank country income groups)


Sustained employment, income, and well-being outcomes over time per different country economy type

Teacher Recruitment Services

Healthcare And Talent Professionals

Explore the world of possibilities with Tuloh International’s Teacher Recruitment Services. We specialize in work placements and offer international opportunities, particularly within the United Kingdom

Why Choose Tuloh International?

Industry leader in international recruitment, training, and staffing

Comprehensive training for professional registration and English exams

Delivering excellent results for clients worldwide

More than 5,000 registered candidates globally

Over 40,000 yearly unique users

Outstanding retention rates (90% of placed individuals still in roles in 2021)

Latest Opportunities

Explore our latest opportunities and take the first step towards a rewarding career

Graduate Work Placements

United Kingdom

Enroll in the Global Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs – a 9-month Alternative MBA Program with lectures and work placement.

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Registering with Professional Regulatory Bodies

United Kingdom

Streamline your transition to UK employment by registering with professional regulatory bodies like NMC, HCPC, and Social Work England.

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Tech Careers in Rome


Explore opportunities in the vibrant tech sector of Rome, Italy, and become a part of the growing community of professionals shaping the future.

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Sales and Customer Support Roles


Join the thriving business landscape in Nairobi, Kenya, and contribute to the digital customer support and retail sectors.

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IT and Cloud Support


Unlock opportunities in the dynamic tech industry of Sydney, Australia, and become a crucial part of the cloud support ecosystem.

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Career Advancements

SãoPaulo, Brazil

Navigate the Creative landscape of São Paulo, Brazil, and discover roles for Writing, Advertising, driving innovation in the industry.

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Opportunities in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Experience a vibrant tech scene of Dublin, Ireland, with roles ranging from IT Support Specialists to other tech-related positions.

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Professional Health and Care Workers

United Kingdom

Join a ground breaking employment program designed for international healthcare professionals, including English Proficiency Certification.

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